Hot Stamping Services

Hot Stamp ExampleOne of the fastest growing trends in customizing stock bags is hot stamping.  Hot stamping is a dry printing process in which a metallic or color pigment is transferred to the bag using heat and pressure.  The ability to apply custom images or text to our inventory items has given customers a new way to attractively enhance the look of their packages without committing to the minimum quantities required for fully printed projects.  Our affordable plate charges and low minimums make this a great printing alternative.

Steps for Hot Stamping

  1. Pick a bag size / color for hot stamping (Most of our stock bags can be hot stamped.)
  2. Approve artwork
  3. Approve hot stamp design
  4. Lead Time:  2-3 weeks

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DualShield_infoIncorporating a color on both the inside and outside of these bags truly sets our new Dual Shield Stand Up Pouches apart from any other pouch on the market.  However, these bags aren’t just attractive, the are exceptionally functional.  Unparalleled clarity and a high barrier coating are combined to create a perfect viewing panel for any product.  From tea to bath salts to confectionery items, these pouches are sure to be a great marketing asset.

Available Sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 12oz
Colors:  Lavender, Arctic, Mint, Gold, Coral, Maple
Material Structure: 
Material Thickness: 



California Crisps Seals with our Band Sealers!

California Crisps based in Los Angeles, CA uses our HL-M810 band sealer in order to create their beautiful packaged dehydrated fruits – 100% FRUIT, No Sugar Added, No Preservatives, No Sulphites.  We are partial to the Pineapples Crips ourselves!

PACK EXPOO 2015 – Booth S-7165 – Visit Us!

Come by our booth at PACK EXPO 2015 in Las Vegas this week!  We are located in the South Hall – Booth #7165

On display will be our Impresse Band Sealer (FRM-1010) as well as our new tube sealer, UHSS-8.

SEALER SALES VIDEO SERIES: Band Sealer Maintenance – How to Use Dry Ink Coding

Part II of our Sealer Sales Band Sealer Maintenance Video Series will show you how to use the dry ink coding function on your Sealer Sales band sealer to print on the seal line.

The feature is easy to use and made even easier with our video instruction.  Print lot codes, expiration dates, and much more!

Refresher Course: How to Use a Heat Sealer

Getting Started - Heat Sealer

Visit us at PACK EXPO Las Vegas for Free!

PACK EX15_lockup_VRT

We would like to invite you to attend PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015 and the co-located Pharma EXPO as our guest, free of charge!

This will be world’s largest processing and packaging event in 2015 – you don’t want to miss out!  PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Pharma EXPO will take place September 28-30, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

With your free registration, you’ll experience the absolute latest technologies and industry innovations, engage with thousands of industry peers through targeted networking opportunities, and learn from the experts through a world-class education program.

Plus, combined with Pharma EXPO, you can expect to see:

  • 30,000+ attendees from 40+ vertical markets
  • 5,000 international buyers from 130 countries
  • Over 1,800 exhibiting companies
  • 800,000 net square feet of exhibit space

To register free of charge on behalf of Sealer Sales, click on the link and complete the quick online registration process.  Our free comp code is: 34J72

We hope that you will choose to join us and stop by to visit our booth #7165. We look forward to seeing you at the expo!


  • Call Customer Service toll free at 866-833-3569
    International registrants, please call +1-240-439-2995
  • E-mail Customer Service at

*Note: Non-exhibiting Suppliers and Distributors are not permitted to use


Not all Bags are Created Equal (Quick Lesson on OTR)

Vacuum packaging is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing the package.  Many food industries (meat, cheese, seafood) use vacuum packaging in order to extend the shelf life of these products.

Once air has been eliminated from the package, there must be an adequate oxygen barrier and seal integrity to keep a low oxygen concentration inside the bag. Otherwise, the driving force created by the oxygen partial pressure differences (21% outside the bag and 0-2% inside the bag) will cause oxygen to re-enter the bag.

OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rates) is the amount of oxygen that passes through a defined area of film over 24 hours.  This is where the importance of your bag comes in.  See our chart below of various OTR rates for films.  The lower the OTR, the better the barrier.

OTR Chart_Logo

If you are vacuum sealing a bag with a high OTR, this defeats the purpose of vacuum sealing since the bag will easily allow oxygen right back in the bag.  In order to properly vacuum seal your bag, you must choose a bag with a low OTR.

PACK EXPO Las Vegas – September 28-30, 2015


It’s never too early to start thinking about attending PACK EXPO Las Vegas.   PACK EXPO will be held in Las Vegas on September 28-30, 2015.  We will have our newest sealing equipment on display for you to see and touch.  Complimentary admission codes to be distributed later.

Our Booth #: S-7165

PACK EX15_lockup_VRT

Great Alternative to Void Fill

Our YC-03FD Air Pillow Machine is the ideal alternative to standard void fill. Impress customers with a clean, efficient and smart way to pack and protect your product. Our air pillows cost less than peanuts or foam to fill the same space. Air pillows provide superior protection compared to traditional shipping materials and also can be stored conveniently taking up a fraction of the space as peanuts and foam.

YC-03FD is equipped to handle large volume of air pillows on demand filling up to 145 5” x 8” air pillows per minute. Machine is easy to operate.

Buy and own this machine.  No minimum film purchase required.


YC-03FD Specs