How to Use the SINBO (DZ-280/A) Vacuum Sealer

The SINBO Vacuum Sealer is the ONLY household vacuum sealer using standard vacuum bags (not the FoodSaver type of bags).   Follow our easy steps below to achieve the best vacuumed product.  We also have a video demonstration you can watch.

Step 1.  Turn the Power Switch Off.  Open the top cover by lifting the lid.  If the lid is locked, push down on both left and right corner spots marked “lock” (part #1) to release the cover.
Step 2.  Test the Seal Process.  Practice a few seals before beginning the vacuum process to determine the time setting needed.  We suggest starting at either 3 or 4.  Note that after sealing a few packages, you may have to drop your setting down by 1 or 2 settings as it will take less time to seal additional bags.
Step 3.  Start the Vacuum Process.
(a) Extend the snorkel (nozzle) (part #4) by pulling the snorkel slide (part #2) forward until it locks into place.
(b) Close and lock the cover by pushing down on the right and left side locks (part #1).  You should hear a “click” when the lid is locked.
(c) Turn on the power switch and the vacuuming process will begin.
Step 4.  Start the Sealing Process – “Double Press Method”
(a) After you are satisfied with the vacuumed bag, momentarily push down on the seal bar (part #4) and release.
(b) Quickly push down again on the seal bar with even pressure until the seal light flashes and you hear a beep indicating the seal is complete
Note:  We suggest the “double press method” for attaining the best seal as this prevents trapping the snorkel in the sealing area.  We want to ensure the snorkel fully retracts.
(c) Push down on both the locks until the cover releases and remove your bag.
Step 5.  Repeat for Additional Bags.  To seal your next bag, turn the power switch off and start at Step 3.


  • Make sure the product in the bag is placed evenly throughout the bag – best placement is in the center of the bag (this will help ensure your product is not blocking the snorkel.
  • While vacuuming the bag, you may need to rub the layers of the bag between your fingers if the bag is blocking the snorkel
  • Note:  You will notice a change in vacuuming noise when the snorkel is blocked


  • When the SINBO vacuum sealer gets too hot from over usage, you will hear a warning sound and the seal will become irregular.  Turn the sealer off and allow the sealer to cool.  The warning sound is to protect the machine from overheating.
  • Do not try and extend the snorkel when the cover is down
  • Keep the bag from blocking the snorkel
  • Snorkel must fully retract before sealing the bag
  • Turn off the machine before starting the next bag

3 responses to “How to Use the SINBO (DZ-280/A) Vacuum Sealer

  1. Works great. I am still amazed at how long the food lasts once sealed.

  2. Thank you for sharing, this information very useful. i will buy a vacuum sealer from here and use it like your guide

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