Highlighting our Double Impulse Sealer w/ 5mm Seal Width (Model No. W-300T)


Given the wide variety of sealers we carry (over 150 different types), it is not surprising that our sealers are used in a variety of different industries: industrial, food, healthcare, confectionery, coffee/tea,  and now we can say the entomophagy industry.  Simply put, entomophagy is the eating of insects and Cowboy Cricket Farms uses our W-300T double impulse sealer to package their cricket protein powder.  Cowboy Cricket Farms approached us with their custom made bag and asked us to help them find a sealer that would seal their bag.  Given that the bag has side gussets meaning that the sealer would need to seal four layers of material on the edges, we recommended our W-300T Double Impulse SealerThis sealer is perfect for the bags that Cowboy Cricket Farms uses as a bag with side gussets  must be sealed with either a double impulse sealer or direct heat sealer.


See below for a video demo:

We carry the largest stock of heat sealers, but if you do not find what you are looking for, don’t fret as we can help you with custom options.  Our expertise is second to none and our customer service team is here to help you.

We are excited that our sealer is being used in this amazing venture of Cowboy Cricket Farms.


About Cowboy Cricket Farms

Cowboy Cricket Farms LLC. is an emerging industry leader in the entomophagy (edible insects) market in America.  Cowboy Cricket Farms’ product  is 100% Acheta domesticus (common house cricket) farmed locally in Belgrade, MT, right outside of Bozeman.  Crickets naturally have high protein, iron, and amino acids content in a very small package.

There is a need for edible insects in our country now and in the future.  Cowboy Cricket Farms’ crickets provide a sustainable alternative to many other animal products such as beef and chicken at a fraction of the environmental cost and in a way that can be grown to benefit the expanding population of our planet.

In the US we have been slow to adopt eating insects due to the negative connotations that bugs have for many people.  Luckily many people are starting to see the light and are making insects a part of their life and nutrition.  Unlike other protein sources like beef, pork, or chicken insects take little room to grow, little water to survive, and little food to thrive.  They also produce considerably less waste and damage to our precious environment.  It is estimated that producing crickets is 20X more efficient than cattle, produce 80X less methane than cattle, and require 6X less feed than cattle.  All to produce the same amount of protein.

Learn more at https://cricketcookie.com/





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