Vacuum Sealer Options Explained


We carry a large variety of different vacuum sealers along with a variety of options to fit every vacuum sealing application.  In this blog post, we will explain the different options that are available to you.  For  a quick primer on vacuum sealers, see our previous post:

Gas Flush
Gas flush will extend the shelf life of a product.  While vacuum sealers remove a large percentage of air around items, a gash flush option will actually pump a stabilizing gas into the package before vacuum sealing.  This will ensure that all oxygen is removed ensuring longevity.

Our vacuum sealers can also pull a vacuum and flush the bag with an inert gas such as nitrogen creating a puffed bags such as a popcorn chip bag.  This is an optional feature that can be added to our nozzle vacuum sealers.

Self-Contained Compressor
With the exception of our small SINBO unit, our nozzle vacuum sealers are pneumatically operated meaning an external compressor is required.  If you request a self-contained compressor, that means the compressor is inside the vacuum sealer and you will not need an external compressor.  Basically, your unit is plug and go.  This is great for facilities with space constraints or do not have the ability for an external compressor

Dual Elements
Dual element (also known as bi-active seal or double impulse) means that the vacuum sealer will utilize two heating elements (upper and lower) to fuse the material from both sides at a time.  This gives a faster and better seal for thicker or hard to seal materials.  If you think you may need dual elements but you’re not sure, you can always contact us or send us a sample and we can do some testing for you.

Vacuum Filter
The vacuum filter option for our nozzle vacuum sealers (model nos: AVN, AVS, CAVN, CAVS) is highly recommended of anything that will fit into the nozzle (dust, herbs, some liquids).  The vacuum sealer nozzle will suck whatever is in front of the nozzle and if there are any items that will be pulled in, this could damage the unit.  We highly recommend the vacuum filter if you are vacuum sealing marijuana, hops, grains, or any product that has a lot of dust particles.

Vacuum Regulator
The vacuum regulator option for our nozzle vacuum sealers control the amount of vacuum and can prevent over vacuuming or products such as herbs.  Over vacuuming can lead to crushing the herbs.

If you are not sure which options you will need for your vacuum sealer, please contact us and one of our customer reps will be glad to assist you.


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