Help! My Sealer Isn’t Working!

Q:  I bought a sealer and now the sealer  isn’t working!  Can you help me?

A: Why, of course we can! We are the sealer experts and can assist you with any sealer problem.  Most often, the problem is a simple fix.  All you need is a screwdriver, unplug your machine and follow our quick little troubleshooting steps.

Using a screwdriver, loosen the PTFE metal plate and untuck the PTFE cover.

1. Is your heating element / wire broken?
– This is the wire (flat or round) that heats up to seal or cut the bag/film.  Remove the PTFE cover and check that the wire is not discolored, bent, or broken.

Check the wire. Make sure the wire runs fully across the sealer.

2.   Do you hear the “click” of the microswitch activation?
The microswitch allows the electricity to pass to the heating element which in turn heats up and seals your poly material.  Sometimes the microswitch moves out of alignment during shipping and needs a simple adjustment to get the unit back to proper working order.

Remove the bottom plate to locate the microswitch

If you do not hear the “click” of the microswitch, you will want to locate the microswitch and make sure the arm operating bracket touches the microswitch when the sealer arm is brought into contact with the sealer base.
Carefully push the microswitch level to ensure that the level comes in contact with the microswitch trigger.

Carefully push the microswitch level to ensure that the level comes in contact with the microswitch trigger.

Mounting Springs hold the elements on both ends.

3.  Are the mounting springs (holding the elements) in tact and in good condition?  Make sure that the spring the element mounts on is intact. Replace if damaged.  Please check also that the mounting spring is not rusted or worn in any way as this will prevent the element from conducting heat.

Make sure there are no loose connections to the timer.

4.  Does the timer light come on when you bring your arm down to meet the base of the sealer?  The light on the timer should come on briefly when the seal bar is brought down for sealing. If it does not come on, there maybe some loose wires or the timer may need replacing


38 responses to “Help! My Sealer Isn’t Working!

  1. My sealer is only sealing about 2/3 of the way across. We changed the teflon strip, wire, etc and it didn’t help. What should we do next?

    • Thanks Michelle for your inquiry – have you changed out the silicone rubber on your unit…the silicone rubber is the while milky rubber piece on the arm of your sealer. Feel free to contact us ( if you need more assistance!

  2. Hi. I’ve an PFS-200 impulse sealer. When I press down the lever, the light on the timer went on and then turned off very quickly. In result, the heater haven’t have the time to do it heating work. Everything else is in good condition. Please help. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your inquiry – you can use the timer setting on the timer to adjust for different times. Try turning the knob up to a higher timer setting to see if that works. Feel free to contact us ( if you need more assistance!

  3. How do you replace the fuse in the PFS-200?

    • Hello Carrie – On the Sealer Sales hand sealers, we have a fuse holder which holds the fuse. You can pull out the fuse holder to change it. If you need any assistance, please call here and speak to one of our techs. – 818.718.8818 Thanks, Jack

  4. Thank you so much!
    It works again!!!!!

  5. Andrew Benshoof

    hey guys, glad i found ya, im needing help trouble shooting or finding a link to common issues with a Cannaline HSC-900, i have one that will continually rise in temp. past the set point, the other is not heating up at all reason im asking for a link im having problems finding info.
    thanks for taking the time!

    • Hello Andrew. Unfortunately we do not carry parts for the sealer you are looking at but a quick google search showed that the unit is a band sealer. It is possible it is time to change out the heaters or temperature controller on your band sealer.


  6. I have an FS 200 changed the element light comes on and goes off but no seal checked all wires please help

  7. After I have used my sealer about 6-8 times, to seal mylar bags, it looks like some sort of ‘gunky’ residue on the heat bed. The instructions only say to keep the heat bed clean, and not to use moisture to clean. How do I clean the heat bed?

  8. The light on my sealer no longer comes on. We can still hear the clicking and the springs are fine. We replaced an element thinking that was the issue. We’re thinking maybe the timer needs replacing? Is this a simple fix? Thanks for your suggestions!

  9. hi. I’m using a model MP-8 heat sealer. i just replaced the heating element and teflon. the timer light comes on. i cna hear the click inside. also opened it and can see the contact properly being made. but it will not heat up and seal. even at the highest temperature. can you help?

  10. I have a Uline H-963 model heat sealer. The heating element is not continuously heating the entire element at the same time. This results in leaving burn marks in several small spots on the element. These spots burn through the Teflon strip and start smoking when the sealer is attempting to seal. How do I solve this problem?

  11. My impulse sealer has a problem the element becomes more heat and red when the arm is brought down.

  12. I change the heat element but cant heat

  13. I change the heat element but cant heat

  14. Hi, i have a prob with my sealer as well, it has power and light when you press it but it dies not seal, it has no heat coming from its “lips”

  15. I have the impulse sealer F200 the light does not come on at all and it doesnt seal anymore

    • Hello Tammy. Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like you need to change the timer on your hand sealer. We do carry timers for our hand sealers but I am unfamiliar with the F200 model #.

  16. We have a V3820 model. After being taken apart for routine cleaning now it will not seal. Only one green light comes on and motor sounds very sluggish. Help!!!

  17. James Wisniewski

    I have a very old TYPR-210 360watt “QUIK SEAL” Thermal Impulse Sealer…
    It does work (but not how it should)
    I’ve replaced the element and PTFE Tan Films..
    It will get hot and melt very very thin sandwhich baggies but nothing more… With the knob turned all the way upto #7 (as high as it goes) it only comes on for about 1/3 of a second, and if I try again, for about 1/10th that amount of time. Until I give the machine like 10 seconds they we can try again…
    I know this isn’t right and it should give me the same blast of #7 power each handle push… But IDK what to start testing or looking at… This is an Antique and I’d love to get it working again…
    thanks for any help.

    • Hello James.
      We are not familiar with your model TYPR-210 360watt “QUIK SEAL” Thermal Impulse Sealer but if you want to send us a picture of the unit to, we can check to see if we have a timer replacement that would be compatible with your unit. Your issue does sound like its potentially related to a timer replacement.

  18. Does anyone have the electrical diagram?

  19. Please the microswitch of my sealer is working alright, the element is also in good condition and the timer too working properly but still not heating.

  20. Strait out of the box vp215 vacuum sealer won’t heat seal. Tried different times for heat sealing and it won’t heat up at all. Did I miss something?

  21. Hi,

    The heat sealer we have at the moment has stopped working, over the past few weeks alot of strength is required to push down the leaver until the red light appears and it seals.

    We replaced the heating element as per instructions however this did not resolve the issue. This is the second heat sealer we have bought due to this issue. Can you help us?

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