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Shrink Wrapping with a Shrink Tunnel

Adding to our Shrink Wrapping 101 post last month, we wanted to demonstrate how a shrink tunnel machine works.  It’s super easy and maintenance free and sooooooooo much faster than using a heat gun!

We have two dial settings:  one for the upper and one for the lower heaters.  Adjust the temperature and speed conveyor to your preference.   Note:  the faster the conveyor, the higher the heat.  Play around with the settings…this may take some trial and error.  Once your settings are set, place your item with shrink wrap packaging on the conveyor and voila!

Check our our video below

NEW PRODUCT: ColumnAir Packaging – for packaging fragile items

While we focus primarily on sealing equipment and materials, every once in a while, we come across a product with great potential for changing the packaging world and we have no choice but to introduce the product to our distributors.

ColumnAir Packaging will revolutionize how your customers package and ship fragile items such as wine bottles.  Simply place the product in the deflated bag; inflate the bag using a portable compressor at the single inflation point and the bag will inflate all around the product to create a form fitting cushion.  What is amazing about our ColumnAir Packaging bags is each inflated column is connected via a series of one-way valves so if any of the columns are pierced during shipping, the other columns remain inflated!  Bags are shipped deflated saving reducing warehouse space for the space constrained.

Download our Spec Sheet for more information.