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Product Highlight: Band Sealer with Vacuum / Gas Flush

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to vacuum seal and gas flush your bags in one machine? Our HR-MV980ZQ band sealer has got you covered.

This high-quality stainless steel machine comes equipped with a nozzle-type vacuum device, which removes excess air from your bags before sealing. And if you need to gas flush your bags to keep them fresh, our sealer has got you covered. Just note that the vacuum and gas flush features cannot be used together.

In addition to its dual functionality, the HR-MV980ZQ also comes with dry ink coding, allowing you to print lot codes or expiration dates directly onto the seal line. And with its versatility in sealing all types of materials and bags, including PE, PP, aluminum foil, and more, you can use it for all your packaging needs.

Upgrade your packaging game with the HR-MV980ZQ band sealer – your customers (and your products) will thank you!

And the best part? You can get your hands on this amazing band sealer by purchasing it from our trusted distributor, U.S. Packaging and Wrapping. With their exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, you can’t go wrong. Don’t settle for subpar packaging – invest in the HR-MV980ZQ band sealer from U.S. Packaging and Wrapping today!

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is a full-service, customer-driven packaging supply company that is dedicated to providing superior products and services at an affordable price. Their staff takes pride in the ability to inform customers about various packaging options. Headquartered in Central Arkansas with shipping warehouses on the east and west coast, US Packaging & Wrapping strives for fast and affordable shipping.

Distributor Highlight: Dupre Solutions

Distributor Highlight

Our Distributor Highlight blog posts showcase the broad knowledge and capabilities of our distributors.  We have an extensive network of dedicated distributors to offer the best possible solutions in equipment and service for our clients in order to meet expectations in quality and delivery time.

Dupre Solutions Packaging Automation is a custom packaging equipment company with facilities located in Essex and Waterbury, Vermont and designs, customizes, sells and services a wide variety of equipment. 

For customers not yet ready to invest in our HL-M1120LD due to the larger foot print and price point, Dupre Solutions has customized our popular CBS-880II and FR-770II vertical table top band sealers with a hand crank.  Normally, both vertical units can adjust to various bag sizes but this requires the operator to manually adjust the sealing head.  Now, with this added feature, the operator can easily adjust for different bag sizes with a simple crank turn.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dupre Solutions and the crank added feature, please reach out to Dupre Solutions below:

Phone:  802-881-6138
Email: sales@dupre-solutions.com

Distributor Highlight: Pack Secure

Distributor Highlight

Sealer Sales has a network of over 100 distributors in North America and we would like to highlight Pack Secure which carries our newest in flexible packaging.

Our newest addition to our stand up pouches is the wider 4oz stand up pouch which offers a unique look.  Given the wider opening, the bag will also be easier to fill.

Wide Stand Up Pouch (8)_grey_new

We are also proud to offer our black kraft stand up pouch.  This bag is quite elegant for both food and non-food packaging.  Your product is super unique…shouldn’t your bag express that uniqueness?


Don’t forget that pouches need to be heat sealed to prevent tampering.  To see which sealers that go well with our stand up pouches can be viewed here.

PackSecure Logo

Specializes in Packaging, Shipping and Warehouse supplies.  Established in 1999.  Location 8261 Market St. Suite M, Boardman OH 44512.  Pack Secure partnered with Sealer Sales several years ago, as they believe our products to be an excellent fit to their product line.




Distributor Highlight: Stapler Warehouse

Sealer Sales has a network of over 100 distributors in North America and we would like to highlight Stapler Warehouse which has quite the expertise in our heat sealers.

Stapler Warehouse is a specialty retailer providing a wide variety of industrial, commercial and office equipment/supplies. It is one of the top retailer suppliers of industrial staples, packaging equipment, carton closing tools & other high quality products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. Stapler Warehouse’s product selection is supported by an easy to use website, providing helpful product information & expert sales and customer service.

Not sure what you are looking for?  Give Stapler Warehouse a call and they will walk you through which heat sealer will work best for your application.

Stapler Warehouse carries our full line of our W-Series Auto Sealers from our 12″ automatic sealer to our special order 35″ – 59″ seal length automatic sealers.


W-Series Automatic Sealers


Stapler Warehouse all carries our continuous band sealers from our smaller versatile CBS-880 to our larger FRM-1120LD band sealer.


To contact Stapler Warehouse:

Stapler Warehouse
c/o Confidential Practices Inc.
817 Broadway, 5th Flr.

New York, NY 10003



Check Stapler Warehouse’s Blog for new product information and guides:  blog.staplerwarehouse.com
Or follow on Twitter:  twitter.com/staplerhouse


Shipping LTL Freight

Shipping LTL Freight

This blog post will be a quick and handy primer on shipping via LTL freight.  LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload and refers to shipments that do not fill an entire truck.  Because UPS and FedEx have weight constraints, we would require certain equipment to ship via freight truck. Shipping via LTL freight can also be more economical in certain situations.  When shipping via LTL freight, Sealer Sales can arrange the freight via prepay and add or you can arrange the freight.

If Sealer Sales arranges freight – please keep the following in mind:

  • We will get your approval for freight quotes before shipping; we will aim to find the lowest rate for you via our various freight carriers; please note surcharges will apply for residential addresses
  • We will always add lift gate service at delivery unless we are specifically instructed that the customer has a loading dock
  • Freight shipments will NOT ship out the same day as we would need to contact carrier to pick up your shipment
  • For shipments that do not specify freight, but may be more economical via freight, we will contact you with our recommendations.  Usually larger shipments that can be palletized will be more economical than shipping via UPS Ground

If you arrange freight – please keep the following in mind:

  • Most of our quotes/sales orders will provide you with all the information (weight, dimensions, class) you need to calculate freight on your end; if your shipment needs to be palletized, we will contact you with final weight and dimensions
  • In general, we use the following NMFC freight codes:
    • Class 92.5 – NMFC – 133300-3
    • Class 175 – NMFC – 133300-2
    • We will provide NMFC codes for other shipments as needed
  • When arranging freight, please provide pick up instructions to your freight carrier
    • Entrance in the rear
    • Pick up hours:  9:30-4PM MondayFriday
    • Liftgate not needed
  • Please provide us with the BOL (bill of lading) that is completed.  Because you are arranging the shipment with your freight carrier, you must provide us with the BOL.  The Bill of Lading states exactly what is being shipped, from where it’s coming and where it’s going.

Once your shipment is picked up, we will provide you with a PRO# to track your shipment.  A PRO number is a tracking number used by carriers.

We hope this will be helpful in helping you arrange freight shipments.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Distributor Highlight: DPB


Discount Plastic Bags was launched in 2005 as an alternative to the high priced catalog vendors selling stock flexible packaging.  By focusing strictly on quality flexible packaging materials like vacuum sealer bags, poly bags, tubing and film, this young company offers a level of targeted expertise.

Offering equal or better quality, fast delivery, low shipping cost and a Five Star Guarantee, discountplasticbags.com quickly emerged as a preferred online option for those seeking a competitive edge through efficient procurement of their thousands of items.  Both common and unique items can be found on this company’s continuously improving website.

With tens of thousands of customers and glowing reviews, you’ll feel confident that your purchases from Discount Plastic Bags are shipped promptly with care and backed with genuine concern for your satisfaction.

Shop Discount Plastic Bag’s catalog of extensive vacuum bags.

assorted_foods  SousVide 

A Conversation with ABC Packaging Direct (www.standuppouches.net)

We recently sat down and had a conversation about sealing equipment for flexible packaging with David Marianac, President of ABC Packaging Direct (www.standupouches.net).


David Marianac and his team at ABC are experts at helping customers determine what type of flexible packaging you should be investing in.   The Standuppouches.net Blog is full of incredible information from what type of packaging you should be using to the latest industry trends.  We highly recommend this as a go to source for anything related to flexible packaging.

David’s new podcast, Ditch the Box, offers guests from all over the packaging world including yours truly at Sealer Sales to discuss trends in the industry.  The most recent episode focuses on the sealing aspect of flexible retail packaging.

What exactly goes on behind the scenes of sealing a flexible package? What do you need to know when it comes time to make decisions regarding the seal of your flexible packaging? We highlight some of the main points to keep in mind when it comes to seals and sealers. Listen to the full episode here:


Distributor Highlight: RevereFlexpak

Sealer Sales has a network of over 100 distributors in North America and we would like to highlight RevereFlexpak which has the expertise in our band sealer and other sealing equipment.

Looking for one of our band sealers?  RevereFlexpak has a dedicated sales force that can assist you in finding the right band sealer and flexible packaging best suited for your product.  RevereFlexpak attends trade shows all over the country to demonstrate our machines and consult on materials.

See our CBS-880II band sealer at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California at Booth #5145.  The Show will be held Friday, March 6-8, 2015.

CBS-880II (4)


A Division of The RevereGroup

Distributor Highlight: Pro Pack Solutions

Sealer Sales has a network of over 100 distributors in North America and we would like to highlight Pro Pack Solutions which has the expertise in clam shell sealing equipment.

Pro Pack Solutions, Inc.

Looking for a sealer for your clam shell?  Give Pro Pack Solutions a call and they can recommend a variety of equipment that will suit your needs.  Feel free to send clam shell samples to Pro Pack first so they can test your clam shell and provide their expert recommendations.

Ask Pro Pack Solutions about the OnPak Ultrasonic Clam Shell Sealer.  Easy to use with no mess or fuss, this unit is lightweight and portable.

onpak pic

Distributor Highlight: Doug Care Equipment

Sealer Sales has a network of over 100 distributors in North America and we would like to highlight Doug Care Equipment which has a dominant online presence in packaging and food processing equipment.

Doug Care Logo

Looking for packaging or food processing equipment? You can find food processing equipment, vacuum packaging and vacuum sealers, shrink wrap machines and other types of bag sealing machines used by both industry and home packers & processors at Doug Care Equipment’s website.

Looking for our highly sought after FRM-1120LD band sealer?  Talk to the folks at Doug Care.  

We recommend the FRM-1120LD band sealer for your small and large bags…the FRM-1120LD can do it all!


FRM-1120L - Copy