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Visit Us @ Natural Products West Expo


Come visit us at the Natural Products Expo West from March 10-12 at the Anaheim Convention Center!


Revere Flexpak will be at Booth #5158 to answer any questions about your packaging projects.  On display will be the CBS-880 band sealer which is an ideal easy to operate sealer for sealing stand up pouches.

About Revere Flexpak:
Industry leader of stock and flexible packaging and labels. Our job is to make your products look great. With in-house prepress, plate making and multiple presses, we manage the production process from start to finish. Different products have different needs, from oxygen or moisture barriers to UV light protection. Our decades of experience ensure you get the packaging solution you need. Sustainable 100% LED printing & facility. Roll film – convert to bags, pouches, bar & bottle wraps.


“Pouch-ization” of the world

We recommend taking a look at Packaging Digest’s recent article, “The ‘pouch-ization’ of the world,” citing that global demand for flexible plastic pouches is expected to rise 6.2% annually to $37.3 billion in 2018.  The article states that the U.S. flexible plastic pouch (i.e. stand up pouches, foil gusseted bags, flat pouches, etc) growth is being driven primarily due to the U.S. consumer demanding increasing convenience and portability of product.  Pouches also tend to be smaller and thinner than glass, paper and metal packaging and will use 60% less plastic and be 23% lighter.  We couldn’t agree with Packaging Digest more!  Over the past few years, we have seen an incredible demand for flexible packaging, particularly  in the form of stand up pouches.  Stand up pouches maximize shelf space over traditional boxes and cartons and bottles but also minimize costs of freight and warehousing since these pouches ship flat.



Looking for a custom pouch?  If your customer is considering switching to a flexible packaging product, Sealer Sales can help you determine the best type of packaging that will work for your customer.  E-mail us at custom@sealersales.com for a survey which will help us determine which type of pouch will work best for your customer.  Feel to also browse our stock bags especially if your customer is not ready to go the custom route.  For a start-up business, we carry a variety of stock stand up pouches in smaller quantities (250pcs – 1,000pcs) in a variety of sizes and colors allowing your business to still provide unique packaging that stands up w/o the set up costs of custom pouches.

Custom Printed Pouch_800x600.jpg

Don’t forget!  Heat sealers would be required to heat seal your customer’s pouch to prevent tampering.  We are the go to sealer source and can offer a variety of equipment that will assist you.  See our recommended sealers for stand up pouches!