SINBO – Three’s a Charm

sinbo-logo-finalOur famous SINBO vacuum sealers now come in three model types to fit all types of applications.  SINBO is the only light vacuum sealer on the market today that utilizes standard poly/nylon pouches not the expensive channel/embossed type of vacuum bags.

Our SINBO models:

  • DZ-280/A – our classic dual line seal
  • DZ-280/2SD – one line seal but a wider 4mm seal width for sealing thicker pouches; best vacuum sealer for the mylar bags
  • DZ-280/2SE – filter canister allows this unit to seal liquids and powders – Video here!



Our SINBOs are easy to use that require no warm-up time.  No outside compressor needed as with the larger nozzle type vacuum sealers and best of all, purchase standard vacuum bags, not the expensive channel vacuum bags.

Contact your local distributor today for more information.


2 responses to “SINBO – Three’s a Charm

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  2. The only thing about the type of bags on the FoodSaver box was: Specially designed channels allow for the complete removal of air. No mention of Xmm thickness either. Thank-you for explaining everything so clearly throughout your website.

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