MAINTENANCE – for your Hand Impulse Sealer

Regular maintenance of your impulse sealer will ensure the longevity of your sealer.  After using between 1,000-5,000 seals, it is normal for the heating element (wire) to break .  The number is dependent on your timer setting and will vary from user to user.  Regularly replacing your sealer’s heating wire, PTFE adhesive (sticky brown protective skin under the element), and the PTFE cover (brown protective skin over the element) is essential for your sealer’s health and well-being.

An impulse sealer’s PTFE adhesive serves as a barrier between the heating element and the sealer’s body.  When the sealer’s heating element has burned through the bottom PTFE adhesive and arc’ed on the sealer’s body, the heating element will break and may also damage the timer.

**When replacing the heating element, you MUST also replace the bottom PTFE adhesive.  Make sure the PTFE adhesive is 1/4″ and 1/2″ past the machine on both ends.  This prevents the heating element from coming in contact with the sealer’s body.

Download our instructions on how to change your sealer’s heating wire and PTFE cover and adhesive here.

We carry replacement kits for all our sealers.   If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us!


4 responses to “MAINTENANCE – for your Hand Impulse Sealer

  1. Anthony Zaragoza

    Are there recommendations for cleaning the sealer surface?

  2. Pam Connelly

    How do I remove the deco mesh plastic that is left on the heating element?

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