Product Highlight: WN-900C – Foot Sealer with Cutter

We have two types of sealers that offer a “cut” option:   shrink wrapping OR a sealer with a sliding cutter.

For shrink wrapping, you will want to create a seamless seal with no excess material above the seal as you will be heat shrinking the material around your product.  Read more about our options here.

For cutting a bag or to make poly tubing, we have a variety of options but we would like to highlight our latest addition: the WN-900C which can seal and cut up to 35” in length, allowing you to tackle some of your larger projects.

WN-900C is equipped with a blade that easily slides across the sealing jaw to cut excess material ½” above the seal line. Just insert the bag between the two sealing bars and press down on the foot board. Slide the cutting blade across the material and create the size you need for your projects.

For the month of August, we are offering a free spare parts kit with every WN-900C purchased. 
No discount code needed.  Just add the kit to your cart and the discount will automatically apply

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