Shrink Wrapping is Back in Full Force!


Corporations are taking full advantage of fulfillment centers to sell and house their products and our shrink wrapping equipment is ideally positioned to benefit from this trend.

Shrink wrapping a product

  • Provides a protective barrier from dust, moisture, fingerprints, etc
  • Provides products with a professional and factory fresh appearance
  • Bundles products together if selling multiple items as a set

We carry a full line of shrink wrapping machines, film, and tunnels to meet the needs of ALL your customers big or small.    We carry simple starter shrink wrapping kits for small businesses that are just starting out.  Our starter kits include a hand sealer, roll of film, and heat gun.  We also carry automated shrink wrapping systems in which the sealer and tunnel are combined for a one-step seamless operation.


If you are unsure which equipment your customer will need – fill out the survey and send it back to us.  The most basic information we are looking for is the package dimensions (W x L x H).  Remember that the height of the package is important!

Shrink Wrapping Quick Primer

Why Shrink Wrap?
Shrink wrapping serves to keep the product stable and clean, as well as preventing any opportunity for tampering, which could affect the overall safeness of consumption.

What is Shrink Wrapping?
Shrink wrapping is a cost effective packaging technology which has been adopted across a diverse set of industries including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. It involves loosely wrapping a  shrink film on the product that is to be packed and subsequently subjecting the package to heat with the help of a shrink tunnel or heat gun. Heat applied results in a snug fit with the product. Shrink tunnels are basically heat chambers that are placed over a conveyor.

How Do You Shrink Wrap?
Shrink wrapping requires 3 basic tools:
#1 – Film (PVC or POF) or bags to wrap your product
#2 – Sealer to seal the film such as an I-Bar or L-Bar Sealer
#3 – Tunnel or Heat Gun to shrink the film around your product

Check out our previous blog post on how to shrink wrap

Check out our video demonstration on how to shrink wrap

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