LINDA’S PICK: W-300DAT(S) – Constant Heat Sealer

What is Linda’s favorite sealer?  Her go-to suggestion when customers call and ask for help? The W-300DAT(S) direct heat/constant heat sealer.  Why we ask?

  • Beautiful 15mm meshed or serrated seal giving your package a professional look
  • Unlike other direct heat / constant heat sealers, this sealer is equipped with a timer which will release the jaws when the seal is done.  CONSISTENT BEAUTIFUL SEALS.
  • German manufactured thermocontroller
  • Unit is small and can fit anywhere!


Pls note:  This sealer will not work on polyethylene type of bags.

Send us your sample today and we can seal your bags on this sealer for you!

For more information, visit our website.


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