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Direct Heat Sealers – Seal Line Choices

Our direct heat (constant heat) sealers are available in two different seal types:  meshed or serrated.  Before purchasing your sealer, determine which seal line you are looking for as your sealer will only be able to provide one type of seal.

Meshed:  provides a woven, knit, or knotted material of open texture with evenly spaced holes

Meshed Seal Line

Meshed Seal Line

Serrated:  provides evenly spaced horizontal lines

Serrated Seal Line

Serrated Seal Line

How to Seal Clamshells


Do you have a clamshell which needs to securely sealed and unsure what type of sealer you need?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  We have two sealers just for you!

Our first unit is the OnPak ultrasonic clam shell sealer.  The OnPak sealer seals clamshells quickly and safely using ultrasonic waves.  Unit is simple to operate. Because unit uses ultrasonic waves, there is no fear of burning your fingers accidentally on the horn.


Our second unit is the KF-772DH Direct Heat clam shell sealer.  KF-772DH is equipped with two heat settings and is ideal for sealing a variety of clamshell packages made of OPS, PSP, PVC, PET, and EPS.








You are always welcome to send your clamshell packages to us and we can test them on either the OnPak or KF-772DH sealer for you to decide which one you like better.

LINDA’S PICK: W-300DAT(S) – Constant Heat Sealer

What is Linda’s favorite sealer?  Her go-to suggestion when customers call and ask for help? The W-300DAT(S) direct heat/constant heat sealer.  Why we ask?

  • Beautiful 15mm meshed or serrated seal giving your package a professional look
  • Unlike other direct heat / constant heat sealers, this sealer is equipped with a timer which will release the jaws when the seal is done.  CONSISTENT BEAUTIFUL SEALS.
  • German manufactured thermocontroller
  • Unit is small and can fit anywhere!


Pls note:  This sealer will not work on polyethylene type of bags.

Send us your sample today and we can seal your bags on this sealer for you!

For more information, visit our website.

Seal and Code in One Step!

All of our stainless steel band sealers provide you with the option to code your bag whether through embossing or dry ink coding or hot stamp printing.

Embossing leaves an imprint on your material w/o using any type of ink.  Our band sealers will continually emboss characters at the seal line and show up best on darker or foil type of bags!

Band Sealer Embossing Example

CBS-880 / FR-770 offer embossing on the seal line

Dry ink coding prints ink on the bag using an ink roller that is heat activated.  The standard font size is 18PT but we also offer an option of 10.5PT for those seeking smaller print sizes.  Dry ink coding prints a very clear and solid message at the seal line.

Dry Ink coding Example - 18PT Font

Dry Ink coding Example – 18PT Font

Dry Ink Coding Example - 10.5PT

Dry Ink Coding Example – 10.5PT


Take a look at a video to get a better idea of how our dry ink coding works!

Take  a look at our video demonstration to get a better idea of how dry ink coding works on our band sealers!

MAINTENANCE – Direct Heat (Constant Heat) Sealers


KF-CS Series Portable Direct Heat Sealer

For sealing thicker materials, we are big fans of direct heat sealers – portable or foot operated.  Direct Heat Sealers provide really beautiful seals and are super easy to use.  However, to ensure that your direct heat sealer enjoys a long life, please follow the following easy steps.

  1. Always unplug the sealer from the power source when doing maintenance.
  2. Make sure the unit is not left on when not in use for a period of time.
  3. Do not leave the unit on overnight.  This will shorten the life of the parts.
  4. Find the lowest temperature that will still seal the bag.
  5. Make sure that when the foot board is depressed that the foot board does not hit the ground.
  6. Make sure that the unit is wiped down periodically to remove any excess bag material left behind after sealing.
  7. Remove any food debris from the sealer or seal bars that may have oozed out of the bag when sealing if you are packaging food.
  8. Purchase Silicone Spray from a local hardware store . There are many brands & types.  I would look for food grade Silicone Spray if packaging food.

    THS Series Foot Operated Direct Heat Sealer

    THS Series Foot Operated Direct Heat Sealer

  9. Spray the Silicone Spray onto a shop rag or tooth brush.  When the sealer is turned off for the day & near cooled, still warm is a perfect time to wipe down the sealer.  Never spray the Silicone Spray directly on to the unit.

Next Generation in Sealing – our Impressé Band Sealer

Next Generation in Band Sealer Sealing

Our newest addition to our band sealer product line providing the best combination of elegance and functionality in one unit.  The Impressé Band Sealer provides a 15mm seal width, the widest seal available.  The Impressé Band Sealer is a heavier duty model compared to our CBS and HLM band sealer lines, offering the best sealing quality on the market.
  • Next Gen Robust sealing block design provides better and more stable sealing quality

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Easy to operate – minimal operator training
  • Fast warm up time
  • Solid state digital temperature controller that maintains seal bars at a proper temperature for consistent seal quality
  • Motorized rubber conveyor for speed control
  • Knurled pressure wheel with variable pressure adjustment
  • Sealing method – constant/direct heat accompanied by a pair each of cooling and heating blocks
  • Unit feeds right to left

Contact our distributors for more information!

Impulse Sealing vs. Direct Heat Sealing – Your Questions Answered

We often get this question:  What is the difference between impulse sealing and direct heat sealing and how do I choose??

Impulse sealers – require no warm up time and seal by applying a pulse of energy to the sealing  area, followed immediately by cooling.  Impulse sealers only use power when the jaw is lowered.  **So if you are just sealing your every day poly bags, an impulse sealer will do the trick.**

a 5mm impulse sealer will do the trick for this poly bag

Direct heat sealers (constant heat) – maintain constant heat in both jaws.  Direct heat sealers use power as long as the machine is turned on.  As a result, direct heat sealers possess better heat penetration in order to seal thicker materials.   **If you are sealing thicker materials such as kraft paper or anything with gussets, go with a direct heat sealer.**

Gusset bags require direct heat sealers

Use our handy little chart to help you make a decision but if you still are unsure, please contact us or one of our distributors for assistance!

Impulse vs direct heat_larger

FRS-1120W – Hot Stamp Printing Band Sealer

FRS-1120W(1) 2

The FRS-1120W uses color ribbon printing (similar to our HP-280 imprinter) and provides a stronger adhesion print than dry ink coding and works better in humid environments.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Easy to operate – minimal operator training
  • Fast warm up time
  • Ideal for medium duty applications
  • Tilting seal head which allows the machine to tilt up to 30 degrees
  • Suitable for any products including liquids
  • Solid state digital temperature controller that maintains seal bars at a proper temperature for consistent seal quality
  • Motorized rubber conveyor for speed control
  • Knurled pressure wheel with variable pressure adjustment
  • Sealing method – constant/direct heat accompanied by a pair each of cooling and heating blocks
  • Unit feeds right to left
  • Color ribbon allows for printing above or below the seal line

Glossary of Packaging Terms

We have created a couple of glossary reference guides for our distributors.  There are so many terms to remember that we sometimes we forget too!

Click here for our A to Zs of Packaging

Click here for our Glossary of Flexible Packaging Materials

How to Seal a Gusseted Bag?

Many of our customers call us asking what sealer works best for their gusseted bag.  Our blog, today, will address that question.

What is a gusseted bag?
Gusseted bags are commonly used in the coffee and tea industry.  The sides of the bags fold in to form a gusset.  Gusset bags have sides that expand, allowing you to package bulkier, larger items.

What type of sealer should you use to seal a foil gusseted bag?  Because of the gussets, a single element sealer such as your typical hand impulse sealer  cannot properly seal through all four layers of the gusseted bag.  Do not use a hand or foot or automatic sealer, not even a 5mm sealer.

We recommend using the following sealers:

6" Semi-Automatic Double Impulse Sealer

…this small unit is the perfect size for sealing coffee bags

Double Impulse Sealers
Double impulse sealers utilize two heating wires (upper and lower) to seal through your gusset bag.  We carry both hand and foot operated as well as a few automatic units to suit your produtction level needs.   Seal width – usually 5mm or 10mm (.20″  or .40″)

For more options, please see our website here.

Our most popular unit for sealing coffee bags

Direct Heat Sealers
Direct heat sealers (also known as constant heat sealers).  Whereas impulse sealers only create heat when sealer jaw and body meat, direct heat sealers maintain heat in the jaws as long as the sealer is turned on.    As a result, direct heat sealers possess better heat penetration to seal thicker materials.  Seal width – usually 15mm (0.6″)

Portable direct heat sealers  or clamp style sealers are affordable and easy to use.   We carry 6″, 8″, and 12″ models.

  • A temperature controller accurately controls the temperature from 30°-550° F (0°-300° C)

Foot or Table Top Direct Heat Sealers utilize a temperature controller.  Both units use a foot switch to control the movement of the upper jaw.

  • Band Sealers allow you to seal nearly any thermoplastic material considerably faster than any other sealer.

Seal quickly and efficiently with a band sealer

Vacuum Sealer
Sometimes, in addition to sealing a bag, you will require a vacuum.   We also carry a vacuum sealer made specifically for foil gusset bags (coffee bags).  The vacuum sealer is a double impulse sealer with a 5mm seal.

Seals and vacuums in one step!

We hope this provides you with some smart choices for sealing your gusseted bags.  Please be sure to check out our website – Sealer Sales.  Please contact us for more questions.