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NEW PRODUCT: Clear Stand Up Pouches

Ideal for all types of packaging industries

  • Clear multi-layer film (CPP/OPP)
  • Resealable zip lock for tear notch for easy opening
  • Packaged in small quantities, 250pcs or 500pcs
  • 4mil thickness

Stand up pouches have become the ideal flexible packaging medium for both large and small businesses alike. Stand up pouches elegantly maximize shelf space over traditional packaging such as boxes and cartons and since the pouches are shipped flat before filling, they also minimize costs of freight and warehousing. Stand up pouches can be used for unlimited number of applications (cookies, nuts, candies)

Pouches meet FDA regulations for food use.  We do not recommend the pouches for any freezing applications or liquids.  Use our 5mm, direct heat sealer or band sealer for the best sealing quality!

Download Stand Up Pouch Specification Sheet